Jul. 12th, 2015

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50: Central Park, by Guillaume Musso

My mum liked this so much she kept telling me I should read it, but I dunno. It was a really, really gripping tale with a very surprising ending, but in hindsight there are some really creepy implications. Also I feel that it should come with several warnings, but any of them would be a plot spoiler, so if any of you are thinking about reading this and wonder about warnings, let me know and I'll tell you.

51: The Testament, by John Grisham

Ugh. I had never read Grisham before and I don't think I will read one again any time soon. I really disliked this one. The plot was fairly gripping until it lost steam about 3/4 through and I kept waiting for a twist that I thought had been hinted at pretty bluntly before but seemed to have been forgotten and everything just petered out. But the real annoying thing was the narration which was such a jarring blend of idolising money and evangelical preachiness, with a few choice bits of jingoism, racism, elitism, sexism, classism and a few other -isms thrown in for good measure. The narrator just dumped level upon level of hatred and viciousness on all of his characters (which it seems he created mainly for hating them) for petty reasons such as that they hadn't been able to attend a good school or wore cheap suits, then had his main character undergo a magical personality transplant by finding God because dontcha know it, Christianity makes everything better, even poor naive naked brown people in the jungle who really need to stop worshipping snakes because that's just like totally silly. Ugh. Just ugh.

(Note: I don't mind stories about people finding God, but I'd like it happen a little more subtly than 'money money money yadda yadda everything's vicious people stink especially lawyers BAM!JESUS now my life is on track again. Btw poor brown people what haven't found God yet. Oh plot what plot I guess I'll end the book just now. Money for everyone! MONEY RULZ. Uhm okay God kinda rules too but MONEY!!!!!')

The only funny thing about this book was that it's set in about 1996 so every time the narrator raved about the latest technological gadgets that the ~MONEY~ could buy I was thinking about the brick-like Nokias and crappy little pagers that would mean.


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