Dec. 15th, 2015

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70: Blue Monday, by Nicci French

It was an ok crime novel. I thought it got a bit weird towards the ending, but okay. It was fun reading about the shrink's daily life. I kept imagining my own shrink.

71: Foxglove Summer, by Ben Aaronovich

I really loved that one. It started a bit slow but I really liked how it went then. I wish though we'd learnt more about the over-arching mystery of the series, it wasn't really all that present in this one. When's the next one out?

72: The Bride Wore Size 12, by Meg Cabot

I love this series. It's pure brain candy. But it kept irking me that I felt I hadn't read the one previous to this and was missing out on things.

73: Bath Tangle, by Georgette Heyer

The last one in my mini-Heyer re-read and I still liked it tho of course no Regency Buck :)

74: Size 12 and Ready to Rock, by Meg Cabot

So I got this because I thought I hadn't read it, but then half-way through I realised I *had* read it and just forgotten half the stuff and, okay, that was all very irritating but not really the series' fault.

75: The Royal Treatment, by Mary Janice Davidson

Objectively, this series isn't really all that. But it's amusing and funny and fast-paced to read. It's a bit like The Royals (worst TV series ever) but intentionally funny and non-sensical. But the plotting could do with some help and the constant humping (sometimes graphic) gets a bit annoying.

76: Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes

Apparently this book has been hyped a lot? A colleague of mine was raving about it. I raced through it and enjoyed reading it but in the end realised I didn't really like it. Some things were neat, but I hated the overall resolution and found I couldn't like the male lead. It gets even more complicated because the plot hangs on an issue Assisted Suicide and I have complicated and partly conflicting opinions about said issue and I felt that this book partly tried to proselytise me very unsubtly. I can see why this book got hyped, but I don't like it and Will Traynor is an arse.

77: The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean, by David Abulafia

This was for a uni course, partly, but I liked the idea so much I got the whole book and read it and I can really only give it thumbs up! Abulafia sometimes is veering on the edge of too-snarky-for-a-historian, but it's a very amusing read and he has a really unique perspective on historical connections and presentation and I learned a lot.

78: The Royal Pain, by Mary Janice Davidson

See above for #75. Same opinion still holds.


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