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40: The White Princess, by Philippa Gregory

I think maybe it's time for me to stop with this series. I mean, I knew from the first one in that it was historical crack, but it used to be more entertaining, I think? And less conflicting. Also, I loved that in the previous books, she'd built up Richard III (LONG LIVE KING RICHARD) as yes, ambitious, but above all, an honourable man, devoted to the memory of his brothers and in love with Anne Neville. I didn't buy that in the very first chapter of this one, she suddenly decided that Richard not only fell in love with the niece he had protected from birth, but took to shamelessly flirting with and courting her under the eyes of Anne Neville, even going so far as having Richard shag his own niece while promising her to make her queen, all the while Anne Neville still lived! I think Gregory fell for the Shakespearean propaganda she'd tried so hard to avoid there. The book got better in the later chapters, but not really all that good. It seems the author had decided that Elizabeth would have conflicting feelings for Henry VII (THE LYING USURPER LONG LIVE KING RICHARD) but instead of really going with that and analysing it, she settled for Elizabeth having different feelings for Henry (THE LYING USURPER LONG LIVE KING RICHARD) every chapter without really explaining the changes beyond some vague allusions to sexual pleasure. Also while there was very entertaining craziness by Grotsky Margaret Beaufort, there was not enough. There can never be enough Grotsky Margaret.

(If you think about it, and this is not really related to this book, but to the whole series, Henry Tudor (THE LYING USURPER LONG LIVE KING RICHARD) was only pushed to usurp by Grotsky Margaret, who in turn was only so twisted because her mother sold her to Edmund Tudor who raped her when she was 12. So I guess we can blame Margaret Beaufort of Bletsoe and Edmund Tudor for the whole mess especially the death of Richard (LONG LIVE KING RICHARD). Also they need to make another series of The White Queen but this time a sitcom of the married life of Grotsky Margaret Beaufort and King Rupert's Beard aka Lord Stanley.)

41: The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat, by Edward Kelsey Moore

Oh, this book was awesome. So, so awesome and sweet. It's the story of three middle-aged women in Plainview, Indiana who have to face radical changes in their lives while looking back at their past, and I know that sounds like a run-of-the-mill plot and I guess it probably is. But the way it comes to life in this book is just amazing. The first chapter had a wonderful twist right at the end and it only got better from there. All the characters feel so alive and real. It's sweet and touching but at the same time oh so quirky and funny and altogether just perfect. It's the author's first book and I wonder what he'll come up with next. In the meantime, y'all need to go and read this! :D


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