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May. 10th, 2016 11:43 am
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4: Imperium, by Robert Harris
5: Lustrum, by Robert Harris
6: Dictator, by Robert Harris

I really liked this series. I know a lot of what went into it had to be guesswork by necessity, but it was pretty meticulously matched to historical detail as far as I can tell, and I really liked the analysis of Cicero as a character. I also very especially liked how the narrator was a slave and was pretty honest about how he had it good, but it still essentially sucks to be a slave and that it's nice that Cicero and the like can forget he is a slave, because he himself can't, but at the same time the narrator is treating slavery as the everyday occurence it was in Ancient Rome. It all rang very true.

7: Leibniz, Newton und die Erfindung der Zeit, by Thomas de Padova [title literally translates to 'Leibniz, Newton and the Invention of Time,' there doesn't seem to be an English translation, unfortunately]

This was an altogether brilliant book. It was such a unique take on the cultural history of the 17th and early 18th century and also featured a lot of the mathematical and physical principles that went into the measuring of time in a way that even I could understand most of it. And then it also was a very interesting biography of the titular characters.

More books to come :)
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